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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…in a world happily devoid of X Factor and the Kardashians. Jurassic Park was the latest multiplex Block Buster and the mighty Nirvana were tearing up the charts. was the best of times.

Before the great British Bake Off was even a twinkle in (Mother) Mary Berry’s pudding bowl, five ambitious northern musicians, not to mention one enigmatic Frenchman were plotting world domination with a heady mix of two parts Zeppelin, one part John Barry and a large sprinkling of Dan Reed/early Van Halen on the side. What they came up with was box office poison in terms of getting a major record deal (remember them) as Grunge swept the world, but hey, didn't people used to just write great tunes to have a great time?

A high energy combination of great melodic hooks, killer grooves and a healthy sense of humour made for some very, very special times and priceless memories with a dedicated following of amazing friends and fans.

Their debut gig in February 1993 broke the house attendance record of 900 at the world renowned Bradford Rios (cough) and what followed were incredible, adventures on the road as the momentum built to a legendary 1994 UK tour which stretched from Glasgow, with Ozzy's guitar master Zakk Wyde, via Sheffield City Hall with Whitesnake, (plus ‘Word Up’ savvy Gun) through to London’s prestigious Marquee Club. Radio 1 airplay for the accompanying Truth ep’s lead track ‘I Believe’ didn’t hurt and neither did great reviews of the live shows from Kerrang, and Metal Hammer magazines.

If you were there you know (and thank you) for all your incredible support. If not, you're in for quite a ride! Sadly, all good things come to an end and by 1995 it was time to move on to pastures new.

But hey, Led Zeppelin haven't been gigging for years either and they've got a  website-and so can we?! :-) So pull up an armchair, pour yourself a little snifter, download the tunes and turn 'em up loud. Who said Nostalgia's not what it used to be?!

Steve Power



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Hey- it’s all about the music, so, here at last is the whole Mother Mary experience all downloadable for free for a limited time- so get these on your iPod quick, quick quick!

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Tomorrow's (Not) Gone...

"Like books and black lives, albums still matter!"- Prince Rogers Nelson 2015

"Youre a left handed carpet, mate!"- David Lambert 1994

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Press Talk

"Their potential is obvious, instrumentally Mother Mary are fantastic!" -Dave Ling (Raw Magazine 1993).

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"Mother Mary's performance was certainly as immaculate as their namesake's conception. Andrew Bray is as flash as you want him to be. But all keep a tight reigh on their virtuosity and concentrate on the songs. They run a watertight ship". (Paul Travers- Kerrang 1993)

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"Mother Mary are gifted for an unsigned act, bringing elements of Dream Theater, Toto and Mr Big into a tidy package. Manu Michael is top of the league as bassists go".- Steve Beebee (Kerrang 1993)

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As a certain rock legend once commented:  "it's been a long time since I rock and rolled". So long, in fact, that the Internet has been invented.. So why not drop us a line  via e-mail or Facebook and say hello. Whoever you are and wherever you are, thank you for visiting- you're very special to us if you made it here!

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